Amelia Hall

Location: Southampton

Height: 5’8” | Build: Slim | Hair: Brown | Eyes: Blue

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Accents: Received Pronunciation, ‘Brummie’

Voice Quality: Strong

Playing Age: 16-26

Range: A♭- C above middle C

Skills: Basic Salsa, basic bachata, chorus dancing, workshop leader, basic Spanish.

Music Skills: Singing – Chorus and Solo Singing


Titus Adronicus (Play), 2017

The Parking Ticket (Short film), 2016
Poppy Gardini

Song & Dance (Cabaret), 2016
Velma Kelly

Song & Dance (Cabaret), 2016
Martha Dunnstock

Starts with a Penny (Play), 2016
Margaret Davies

Follies (Musical), 2015
Solange LaFitte

Here Be Monsters (Play), 2015

Solent Cabaret (Cabaret), 2014