Adelle Thompson

Mobile: 07513086907 | Email:

 Location: Brighton, United Kingdom

Height: 5’5”                                     Weight: 86kg

Hair: Black                       Eyes: Green

Accent: English                                    

 Languages: Spanish (Fluent) and English: Native

Skills: PEM (Perdekamp Emotional Technique), Piano/Keys ABSRM Grade 5, Contralto range (in styles-jazz, soft opera, rock, traditional folk), Italian Fencing (basic knowledge)

Training: BA (Hons) Performance Degree at Solent University (2015 -2019)


Fame! (Musical), 2016- Mrs Sherman


Seven Deadly Sins (Film), 2017- Police Officer/Waitress


Opening Dance Ceremony (Live Performance), 2018- Dancing Sailor


Madagascar! A Musical Adventure (Musical), 2018- Various Characters


Tech! Tech! Tech! (Play), 2018- Cyan (Artificial Intelligence)


Drowning  (Film), 2018- Olivia


This Is Me (Film), 2018- Lucy

Hypothermia (Play)- The Stranger