Lauren Baulch

Mobile: 07881269453| Email:

 Location: Southampton, United Kingdom

Height: 5’9”                                     Build: Curvy

Hair: Blonde                        Eyes: Brown

Accent: English                        Languages: English: Native

Skills: PEM- Perdekamp Emotional Method, Alba Emoting, Meisner Technique, Lock Picking.

Training: BA (Hons) Performance Degree at Solent University (2016 -2019),


Camp Blood (Play), 2019- Kat


Tech! Tech! Tech! (Play), 2018- Player 2/Ensemble

Madagascar: A Musical Adventure! (Musical), 2018- Candy Hammernose/ Ensemble

The Dragons Shadow (Screen), 2019- The Woman


Places Where The Flowers Grow (Screen), 2018- Head Gardener


Fashioning The Voice (Screen), 2018- Lauren Bacall


The Rose Tinted Lense (Screen), 2017-Katie