Bradley Balueta

Mobile: 07426656006​ | Email:

 Location: South East England

Height: 5’7                                       Build: Slim

Hair: Black                                      Eyes: Dark Brown

Ethnicity: Filipino

Accent: London/South East, RP            Languages: English

Training: BA (hons) Acting and Performance at Solent University (Graduation year, July 2020) 

Skills: Makeup, Modelling, Drag Queen, Lip-Syncing, Cycling

Theatre Credits (whilst training)

Mowgli: The Man’s Cub by Diverse Theatre at Solent university, directed by Grace Mawditt – Mowgli 

Pool (No Water) at Solent university, directed by Beatrice John – Unnamed Main Character   

The Doctor and The Devils performed at Nuffield Southampton Theatres (city), directed by Matt Fletcher – Kate  

Film/Television Credits (whilst training)

Walls (short film) (2019) at Solent university, directed by Keith Kopp– Mcpherson

How Can It Be (2019) at Solent university, directed by Beate Sniedere – Ted  

The Beauty Inside You (2018) at Solent University, directed by Eliska Peskova & LuciaVazquez Bonome – Robin